Snortabulls is the home to our adorable French Bulldogs and Pug fur babies. We are a small, in-home hobby breeder located in a smaller area (IthAca, NY) not far from Saratoga, New York (an easy commute to New York City, NY). We love and spoil our babies, as they should be. Snortabulls puppies are only available for companion homes (limited registration with no breeding or show rights). Our puppies are available to leave to their new homes at 9 weeks of age (flight nanny only), or 12 weeks of age when picking up in person or using a licensed Ground Transport.

Quality is our number one priorty in our program. We specialize in quality frenchie and pug puppies who also happen to be some of the most beautiful rare colors. COat colors such as silver Pug puppies, blue French Bulldogs, white pugs, black & tan Frenchies, silver brindle Pugs, chocolate French Bulldog puppies, apricot brindle Pug puppies, and reverse brindle Pugs.

We love our dogs. We have spent several years working with different breeders, color and traditional. It has become evident to us that healthy pups are becoming hard to find. 
While color breeders have outcrossed to create testable colors through DNA color panels, in some cases the conformation of the animal has been compromised. We also see traditional breeders that stay within a smaller gene pool which seem to  have the same genetic defects such as cleft lip and/or palate, skin and eye issues, as well as orthopedic defects. 
We believe there is a balance.  You can have beautiful unique colors with conformation that meets the breed standard and also produce pups that are healthy. We now have beautiful colors and conformation. To that we add health testing as well as disposition to our breeding program.  To date we are very pleased with the outcome.

The French Bulldog

Their compact size, gentle temperament, and big hearts make them lovable and gentle dogs, perfect for families with younger or older children. Frenchies have a relaxed and tolerant personality, which is somewhat similar to a child’s personality. They enjoy playtime outside, but also love to snuggle up on the couch with their humans at the end of the day. The perfect apartment sized dog. Primary indoor living is a must. 


The Pug

Pugs are natural lovers. If you want a small, affectionate dog that will bond easily with you, the Pug might be your go-to-breed. Pugs are also known to be great family dogs and are very playful and affectionate with children. Their small size also makes them the perfect dog for apartments, townhomes, and condos. These babies must live indoors.

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